The CEPI Comparative Testing Service: A Proficiency Testing Scheme For The European Paper Industry

The Comparative Testing Service of CEPI (CEPI-CTS) is a quantitative, simultaneous and continuous proficiency testing scheme for the Paper Industry that runs continuously since 1976. It comprises a Round Robin programme of more than 100 different tests and it is used by more than 400 paper testing laboratories in most European countries. It is one of the many activities supported by CEPI and it is run by a Working Group whose members are nominated by the national Paper Associations and who are mostly research institutes.

CEPI-CTS main features:

  • Fully independent proficiency testing service
  • Established for more than 40 years – Unrivalled expertise
  • The only paper CTS to provide reference values with statistical limits for samples
  • Clients include pulp and paper producers, customers and suppliers to the paper industry
  • Supported by consultancy services for calibration and training for equipment operations

CEPI-CTS: supporting the Paper Industry since 1976!
It all started in the mid-Seventies, when a number of comparative testing services run by the foremost European paper research institutes were unified under the umbrella of what was then CEPAC, “Confédération Européenne de l’Industrie des pâtes, papiers et cartons” and its Working Group “Étalonnage”, thanks to the illuminated vision of such scientists as Mr Ramaz (CTP, France), Mr Lemm (BAM, Germany), Mr Fuit (TNO, The Netherlands), Mr Attwood (PATRA, GB) and Mr Luciani (ENCC, Italy).

The name of the Service was then CEPAC Calibration Check Service; its functioning was not much different from today: Co-ordinating, Authorised (today they are called Distributing) and Qualified Labs were the Working Group (WG) components and reports were almost the same. The real big difference was that samples were not identified with reference values and Warning and Action Limits.
Such important deliverables were introduced in 1992, at the same time that CEPAC merged with EPI to form CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries): Swiss and Scandinavian Institutes joined the WG: EMPA and KCL, STFI and PFI brought new impulse to the Service.
CEPI-CTS as we know it today is the result of the work done uninterruptedly during all these years by many dedicated scientists and technicians and it bears the fruit of continual innovations. Many happy returns!

All care is taken to reach accurate and reliable results. Nevertheless, CEPI, the CEPI-CTS Working Group and any other participating body (Coordinating, Qualified and Distributing Laboratories), do not accept any liability resulting neither from data nor from the use or misuse either of the CEPI-CTS system or of any values mentioned in the CEPI-CTS documents

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